Fruit fragrance season "Friends of Sugar" how to "pipe shut"

posted on 31 Jul 2015 15:36 by yiwumarket
Recently, this reporter a friend with diabetes to eat more fresh fruit due cause elevated blood sugar, and admitted to the hospital. In this fruit fragrance of the season, for diabetics, yiwu agent how early adopters while controlling blood sugar, has become an urgent need to confront the issue. To this end, the reporter interviewed the doctors. Doctors believe that people with diabetes can not eat fruit is not absolute, but should have the skills to eat, such as the best to eat fruit in between meals, and a corresponding reduction in the amount of staple food.
Diabetes eat fruits have the skills

At present, Yiwu market fruit very rich in species. Faced with colored delicious fruits, people with diabetes often heart tangled? A: I try some fresh fruit you can eat Yiwu rehabilitation hospital, a doctor believes that diabetes is not a little fruit can not eat, but it can not be arbitrary to eat, but should be Tips to eat. First, the "Sugar" Friends glycemic control should be in the ideal range, if high blood sugar is not to eat the fruit. Secondly, the fruit should be placed to eat between meals, and after eating fruit, eat dinner staple food to a corresponding portion, or sugar intake too much can make blood sugar. Also note that the best choice for low glycemic index fruits, such as cherries, plums and other fruit intake is generally controlled at 100 grams per day do not exceed 200 grams. In addition, after eating fruit to pay attention to the monitoring of blood glucose, blood sugar control changes, at any time to adjust fruit intake.
Young have awareness of disease prevention
Another problem is also worth attention, many people think of diabetes in the elderly will get the disease, in fact, a growing trend now was the incidence of diabetes in young people. Because diabetes is initially no obvious symptoms, and young people often consider themselves strong and healthy, medical neglect, delay and therefore often found in diabetes treatment, once the disease is often found to have been very serious, or serious complications, making treatment difficult. Therefore, doctors advise that obesity is caused by diabetes risk factors, overweight young people must have awareness of disease prevention, should medical examination once every six months to a year, checks include blood lipids, blood sugar, urine sugar, blood viscosity, Yiwu Socks Market in order to timely detection and early treatment.
People with diabetes should pay attention to prevent colds
In addition, doctors remind people with diabetes in addition to "pipe shut" good blood glucose control, it must also pay attention to prevent a cold, avoid cold cause bronchial and lung infections. For people with diabetes, respiratory tract infection and blood sugar will affect each other, suffering from respiratory tract infection can make blood sugar, and high blood sugar can cause a bad respiratory infection control, and even worse. Therefore, the change in the weather when we must drink plenty of water, more exercise, improve immunity, prevent respiratory infections diseases.
Diabetes has been called "diseases of modern civilization", which is closely related to the incidence and younger trend change in lifestyle, such as travel by car mostly sedentary work does not move, making the exercise less easily lead to obesity, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, seriously affect health. Therefore, young people must enhance health awareness, in addition to regular physical examination, should be "eat less hyperactivity," maintain an ideal weight.
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