Typhoon "Chan Hung" to bring heavy rain and eight Yiwu gust

posted on 31 Jul 2015 15:16 by yiwumarket
Yiwu Meteorological Observatory issued the tropical cyclone: Typhoon Number 9 this season, the center, yiwu china market "Chan Hung" (Strong typhoon level) was at sixteen: 40 within the 11th about Zhoushan Zhujiajian coastal got when the blowing wind near the middle have fourteen ( forty five m or sec) minimal central stress of 955 hPa. Upcoming, "Chan Hung" speed associated with 15 kms per hour with the Zhoushan Island destinations moving towards the north, from the city. This particular lasts for regarding 30 hrs can be considered any typhoon glowing blue warning raised. Let's have a look back in 1949 because July most powerful typhoon getting in Zhejiang, "Chan Hung" will bring extreme 30 several hours.

July ten, the event of storm, sky unstable. One minute sunlight is dangling, after a minute or so is fog up blocks out your sun to hold staggered. 12: 30, City and county Meteorological Observatory issued some sort of typhoon caution signal azure: Estimated hurricane "Chan Hung" probably within the latter part of the tenth to the eleventh,Yiwu Weather in the seaside area of Zhoushan Ryan arrived when powerful typhoon power up to extremely typhoon degree. Under the influence, the town is likely to overcast along with heavy rainfall, locally weighty rain, solid winds as well as 6 to 8, eight to 15 gusts.
In 18: 00 on the 10, the atmosphere comprehensive gets there, blustery tub areas. Maling City Observatory upon first made an appearance 18 mirielle / h (8) Transitive northeast wind gusts. Yiwu City Meteorological Observatory at three: 30 in July eleven released Anticipation Forecast Advise: by cyclone clouds and it is expected to achieve the city following three time precipitation 20-40 mm, 30-50 mm in certain areas.
twelve evening, the actual storm survived nearly all evening, to the remaining night additionally did not quit meaning. Because at 7: 00 around the 11th, large rains inside the northern portion of Yiwu, the biggest farm 76. 9 milimetre rainfall. Niansanli Street Tank satellite statement station, Yiwu observatories possess appeared 20. 3 meters / t (8), eighteen. 2 e / s i9000 (8) Transitory, transitive northerly gusts of wind. At this point, our concerns tend to be concentrated from the "Chan Hung" will be clinching where Yiwu will have a lot impact.
Luckily, in the mid-day, the surprise had lastly faint deterioration trend. of 16: 40, "Chan Hung" last level having a strong storm in Zhoushan Zhujiajian coast areas. Because 1949 and also, in This summer strongest hurricane landing within Zhejiang. Through "Chan Hung" effect, since 17: 00 yesterday, Yiwu City, the website of more than one hundred mm have got four; in some parts of 8 gust, the greatest reservoir inside Niansanli road satellite paying attention station something like 20. 3 michael / nasiums (8).